Helping Survivors
Rise Up Once More

FCI is committed to rescuing, restoring, empowering and educating victims of human trafficking.

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Every life matters to us! We understand the transition to heal can be painful and discouraging. Our team is here to provide survivors with everything they need, to restore, reclaim and rebuild their lives. We provide the following programs and services to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation:


Drop-in and Resource Centers are a division of FCI. The goal of each center is to provide victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation alternative options while teaching them how to become self-sufficient and independent.

Our Drop-in and Resource Centers are a safe place where women who are victims of sexual exploitation can come and receive resources and information regarding their physical, mental, and emotional needs. They are welcomed into an environment where they can relax, find comfort and feel safe.

We also provide hygiene products along with clothing, hot meals and resources for short-term shelter. Anyone with a desire to leave the “life” is provided with the resources necessary to assist with their decision. When necessary, the center provides transportation to relocation sites, or other appropriate services.

Drop-in and Resource Centers also provide a 180-Intervention program involving curriculum, sessions and electives designed to equip victims of sexual exploitation with the tools needed to address the psychological effects of coercion and to undo the negative influences of commercial sexual exploitation.  Session electives include: Career Development, GED Assistance, Resume Writing, Communication Skills, and Job Search guidance. Participants are also offered, Healing Art Therapy and Personal Safety Education.

Training sessions and workshops to community based organizations, law enforcement agencies, churches, and community members are also offered at each location.



The purpose of the street outreach is to let girls know there is a safe place where they can relax get a cup of coffee, something to eat and freshen up. We also let them know we have programs that will assist them with job search and other resources they may need.

Street teams go out every Friday night wherever the girls are “working” to spread the love of Jesus Christ. We distribute “freedom bags” that contain gum, a small set of toiletries and phone numbers for resources. We have 11 volunteers that go out and we are training a team in the Orange County area.


Road to Freedom (RTF) is an 8-week re-entry diversion program designed for women incarcerated for sex work and sexual exploitation. Participants are provided with resources, education and the tools they need to identify behaviors that caused them to become a victim of human trafficking and sex work.

The work we do is heartbreaking but at the same time very rewarding. We are telling lost and hurting souls that there is a Hope and a Future for them and that God loves them.


It is important that everyone become educated and aware of what Human Trafficking is and who it affects.

For example, did you know?

  • There are over 27 million victims of Human Trafficking globally, 55% are either women or girls
  • It is $150-billion-dollar industry worldwide, and considered the 2nd most profitable criminal enterprise in the United States
  • Human Trafficking affects everyone, it knows no economic or ethnic boundaries
  • One young person goes missing in the United States every 90 seconds, of those, 1 in 4 will be trafficked within 48 hours
  • Victims who are sexually trafficked have a life span of 7 years

Since 2006, Forgotten Children, Inc. has been focused on educating communities regarding Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking.   This has been accomplished through conferences, workshops in community gatherings, such as churches, task force groups, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Soroptimist International, Zonta International, and various other organizations.

Forgotten Children, Inc. is available to conduct a 2-3 day conference in your community.  The Conference would provide an insight into the world of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. Some of the topics that would be covered include:

      Introduction to Human Trafficking

  •     Scope of problem
  •     Myths and misconceptions

     Grooming and Recruitment

  •     Who are the Victims, Buyers and Traffickers/Pimps
  •     Effects on Believe System
  •     Porn and strip clubs, etc.

     Effects of Trauma on the brain and PTSD

  •     Qualities of a volunteer
  •     The life of a victim from the perspective of a survivor

Forgotten Children, Inc. is also available to speak to community groups, schools and Churches, as well as workshops to train potential  volunteers.  If you would like to schedule a training please email Jacquie at


Rachel’s House of Healing (RHH) provides residential housing and life skill training for Transitioned Aged Youth (TAY) 18-25 years of age. We offer assistance to women who have been trafficked into prostitution and who have been sexually exploited.  Located in San Bernardino, this is the city’s only human trafficking housing facility.  We have on-site staff 24-hours per day as-well-as counselors to address chemical dependency, HIV/AIDS, Anger Management, and  Family Reunification.

Rachel’s House has the capacity to house five full-time residents. Each resident is allowed to stay up to 24 months, as long as they are clean and sober (random drug and alcohol testing determines this), and have no other place to go. Additionally, each resident must be an active participant of our four-step 180-program that addresses the mind, body, soul, and spirit. The different elements of the program are:

  1. Health development
  2. Personal development 
  3. Vocational development
  4.  Celebrate Recovery
  5. Interpersonal skill development
  6. Spiritual development
  7. Community involvement
  8. Creative leisure activities/celebration
  9. Independent living preparation/follow up